Let's Go LIVE!

Complete live streaming production, setup, and training packages

Full Service Production

Let us handle every aspect of the production – video, audio, graphics, recording, logistics, staffing, publishing online through Facebook, YouTube, PPV…anywhere!


Is your organization ready to upgrade or purchase your first live stream setup? Let us help with customizing and assembling a setup that’s right for your needs. 


Need training for new staff? Have an issue with your current system and need some help? Need a second opinion on your setup? We’re experts on all things live streaming.

Sports and Athletics

Instant replay, pre-game shows, live interviews, live scoring, professional audio, announcers, video advertisement breaks, ESPN-style graphics - everything you need for every aspect of a professional sports broadcast online.

Conferences and Special Events

Trade shows, academic lectures, business conference, keynote speakers, panels, any format with speakers and presentations - multiple cameras, pro audio, live streaming, and recording for later.

Podcast Video Productions

Take your audio podcast to the next level with live and recorded video for YouTube uploading. Grow your audience exponentially.

Church and Religious Live Streams

A sustainable live streaming setup for your church services and special events. Both video and audio live streaming as well as online archiving for your website - reach more people!

Why work with Citrus Productions Live Video Streaming Services, Setup, and Training?

We’re in a unique position of having worked in online live streaming since it’s explosive beginnings around 2010 to now. It used to be that every live production was only for television – 100’s of thousands of dollars for equipment and staff of 20-30 people for one live production…but with the creation of less expensive HD cameras, great new streaming software, smaller streaming equipment, and YouTube Live, UStream, Facebook, DaCast, and many other free and pay-per-view online streaming options, the online live streaming and recording opportunities have EXPLODED.  Now it’s possible for almost any event or organization to have consistent HD video live streaming productions.

Do you have a sports or athletics live stream and want instant replay? Today, it’s a real possibility for any event.

Do you have a business or conference event and want a presentation, main camera, side camera, panel camera, lapel mics, and other multiple cameras? This is what we offer almost every budget. 

Anything you see on television or would expect from a television broadcast can be incorporated into a modern internet live stream and video recording – that’s the standard we hold ourselves to and what we offer to every client.